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means of undertaking any activity and being financially independent


Increase efficiency and profitability

Any manager or financial manager who wants to simplify or speed up their financial and administrative processes to save time and invest in value-added activities. For any financial manager who needs ad hoc support. Increase efficiency and profitability.

break a dead end or speed up a project.

Computer Science

Aware that VSEs / SMEs work in very reactive and competitive markets, the quest for performance is therefore essential. AFRICA'LIF, with its experience and its partnerships with major players in the market, offers innovative solutions adapted to your needs, especially in mobility. Creation of professional websites; Enterprise solutions; Computer maintenance ; Audit, installation and management of IT equipment; Installation of WiFi hotspots; Database administration; Video surveillance systems; Presence time management and Access control; IP telephony among others.


The activity of the economic sector of trade and distribution which is aimed at individuals in a geographic sector is closely linked to the standard of living of the residents of this geographic sector, since their standard of living determines their purchasing power and therefore the number and volume of exchanges. It will be strong in developed countries where the culture of the consumer society is very widespread. It will be low in poor countries. It will be growing in developing countries. This disparity is also present within the same country, for example between rich and less wealthy regions, or cities and countryside.

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